Had you been planning to put your home on the market, but are waiting due to the pandemic?

Buyers are looking for homes like yours.


Now, more than ever, the word "home" has a new significance in our lives.  With limited inventory to choose from, and interest rates remaining low, buyers are eager to find that perfect home for their families.

If you're ready to put your home on the market today, rest assured that we have all the industry's best practices in place, following CDC and local guidelines for everyone's health and safety.


6 Steps for Safe and Easy Home Showings

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If you're thinking about selling your home, but are concerned about putting it on the market today, follow these simple steps so that your house will be ready when you are:

Organize and Declutter

Start with the clothes closets. Remove items you no longer use/wear and prepare them for donation.

Get Organized

Clean out and organize closets. Don't forget the medicine cabinet, linen closet and junk drawers. 


Start packing away the family photos and heirlooms. Cleaner walls and counters allow buyers to see themselves in the space.

Freshen the Kitchen

Use this time to clean out your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry.

Shine a Light

Replace any burnt-out light bulbs or update to more efficient LED versions.

Get those Repairs Done

Make those minor repairs you've been putting off. Fixing them now will save you money later!

Create a New Look

Try looking at your furniture in a new way and re-organizing it to best show off the room's features.

Clean - Clean - Clean

Make your home sparkle. Particularly if you have pets - you'll want to remove any odor or stains.

Freshen Up

Give your home a fresh and clean look with a coat of paint on walls and trim.

Improve Curb Appeal

Remember that first impressions matter! Refresh the landcaping, clean out leaves, add touches of color.


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